Tell Me More Japanese Review

TELL ME MORE Japanese Review: Quick Summary
Learning Effectiveness
Best voice recognition software in the industry. Tons of varied learning activities keep learning fresh.

Ease of Use
Slightly difficult for total beginners. Great once you get used to it.

Value for Money
At $299 it’s not cheap, but it offers the most learning material of any Japanese program–300 hours of learning, 1500 exercises, 8000 word glossary.

Who Should Buy This Product
Great for those who plan to study seriously and thoroughly. A bit much for those who just want to pick up basic travel phrases.

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Reviewer Profile

Review written by 10-year language learning veteran and author of 12 language learning textbooks Ryan Wiley.


TELL ME MORE Japanese is made by a company called Auralog. Here’s a quick bio.

  • over 7 million customers
  • more than 15,000 government, educational, and corporate institutions use their products
  • over 20 years of language learning course development
  • most award winning company in the industry
  • first language company to use voice recognition technology
  • employs 80 full-time course developers to maintain and improve TELL ME MORE  products

Tell ME MORE Japanese

The TELL ME MORE Japanese program is a 3-level beginner to advanced course. It provides instruction for all four language learning acquisition skills–reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This program relies heavily on language learning games, such as sentence reconstruction, word-picture association games, and word searches. TELL ME MORE’s most notable feature is its industry leading voice recognition software.

What do you get with TELL ME MORE Japanese?

  • best voice recognition technology in the industry–master Japanese pronunciation
  • 46 animated videos showing how to write Hiragana and Katakana–learn the Japanese alphabet quickly
  • highly interactive dialogues–perfect your speaking by having real conversations in Japanese
  • record your Japanese pronunciation and compare it to a Japanese native speaker–get perfect pronunciation!
  • 300 hours of Japanese language learning activities–Gain a deep understanding of the Japanese language
  • 400 high-quality photos for visual learning–makes learning interesting and enjoyable
  • over 1,500 Japanese language learning exercises–you’ll never get bored studying with TELL ME MORE Japanese
  • 8000 vocabulary words, all with native-speaker recordings–every Japanese you’ll ever need to know
  • 60 key grammar points presented in a simple and concise way–learn to use the language correctly
  • a great guide to Japanese language and culture–understand the people, not just their language

Who should buy TELL ME MORE Japanese?

This is a screen shot of my lesson progress. It's a good example of all the activities TELL ME MORE Japanese provides.

You should buy TELL ME MORE Japanese if you love lots of what I call “busy work.” Here is what I mean. This is a real example of what you’ll do to learn one simple dialogue.
1. Audiovisual aid or text
2. Introduction Dialogue
3. Picture-Word Association
4. Comprehension Question
5. Picture-Word Association
6. Picture-Word Association
7. Fill-in-the-Blanks
8. Picture-Word Association
9. The Right Word
10. Word Order
11. Picture-Word Association
12. Picture-Word Association
13. Word Transformation
14. Picture-Word Association
15. Word Association
16. Audio Crossword Puzzle
17. Sentence Transformation
18. Fill-in-the-Blanks
19. Comprehension Question
20. Picture-Word Association
21. Fill-in-the-Blanks
22. Dictation
23. Phonetics Exercise
24. Word Pronunciation
25. Sentence Pronunciation
26. Comprehension Dialogue: Speaking
27. Vocabulary File
28. Audiovisual aid or text

How do you feel when you look at that list? Do you look at and think, “Cool, lots of fun activities to do!” …Or do you look and and think, “Look at all those activities, what a pain in the neck!” If it’s the former, you should buy TELL ME MORE. It’s probably a good product for you. Also, have you studied a bit of Japanese already?

If so, TELL ME MORE is probably a good fit for you. Not only does it move along very quickly in the beginning, but it provides a huge glossary of Japanese vocabulary words and grammar points–even if you’re at the intermediate level, you’ll have tons of new material to study.

Finally, are you planning on acquiring a deep understanding of the Japanese language? If so, this is a great product for you because it offers the most learning material of any Japanese learning program I have seen.

Who should NOT buy this product?

If you’re not into what I call “busy work,” this is not the product for you. Go with something more straightforward, like Rocket Japanese. Also, what are your learning goals? Are you just looking to learn “survival Japanese,” like how to buy train tickets and order food?

If so, you’d be better off with a product that you can buy in stages. Again, I would recommend Rocket Japanese, as you can buy just the beginner level and only pay $99. Finally, with TELL ME MORE Japanese, you really have to be disciplined and take control of your learning. If you can’t do that, this program will frustrate you, and you’d be better off with a simpler product.

Suggestions for You

If you’re looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the Japanese language, including reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar, and if you’re committed to using the full 300 hours of instruction this program provides, buy TELL ME MORE Japanese.

If you’d like a more focused, consumer friendly product that teaches reading, writing, listening and speaking, but that is more fun and easy to use, go with Rocket Japanese. Also, if you don’t want to commit to, and pay $299 for, a full beginner to advanced level product, like TELL ME MORE, remember that you can get Rocket’s beginner level, which provides quite a bit of instruction, for just $99.

Finally, if all you want to do is learn listening and speaking, not reading and writing, check out Pimsleur Japanese. It’s a simple, world-famous language learning course that millions of people have used. Just remember, it’s listening and speaking only. There is no instruction in regards to the reading and writing Japanese.

Whichever learning option you decide on, we here at SpeakOut! Japanese wish you the best in your Japanese language learning adventure!

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