Reader’s Choice Awards

Konichiwa! And congratulations to Rocket Japanese for winning this year’s reader’s choice awards. According to you, our readers, Rocket Japanese is the best way to learn Japanese online! To join in next year’s poll, get on our mailing list.

Value for Money:★★★★★ 
Ease of Use:★★★★☆ 
Learning Effectiveness:★★★★¼ 
Fun Factor:★★★★½ 

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Rocket Japanese was voted the #1 way to learn Japanese online, but is it the best choice for you? Read why others like it, and then decide for yourself.

Value for Money

Our first voting category was “value for money.” Good value doesn’t mean cheap. It means that you get the most for your money, whatever the bottom line is. Rocket Japanese took this category by combining a relatively low price with great learning material. For $99.95, we agree with our readers, Rocket Japanese is outstanding value for your money.

Ease of Use

What’s ease of use? Ease of use is a way to measure course design. Is the program hard to follow? …or do you flow from exercise to exercise without even noticing it. If it’s the latter, you’ve got good ease of use. With it’s engaging content, slick styling and easy navigation, Rocket Japanese was voted the “easiest” way to learn Japanese online.

Learning Effectiveness

This is simple. Learning effectiveness is a measurement of how much you learn in a given set of time. Our readers felt that the quickest way to learn Japanese online was with Rocket Japanese.

Fun Factor

“Fun Factor” isn’t something you see many serious language learning websites talking about. It should be. Why? Because the number one most difficult thing about learning a language is keeping motivated. Even if you’re motivated to learn, a dull, dry, boring course will suck the energy right out of you. With Rocket Japanese, you learn, for the most part, with interactive dialogues that are hosted by a Japanese native speaker and an Englishman who speaks Japanese. The duo are fun, easy-going, and a pleasure to learn with. In my opinion, this is the real reason why Rocket was voted the best way to learn Japanese online.


Our Final Judging factor was support. Rocket’s support is quite interesting. It’s done through a private Rocket Japanese forum. There you can get all the regular support you may need, such as help downloading the audio course or printing the dialogues. In addition, though, the forum is staffed by a native Japanese speaker who will also answer any grammar, writing, pronunciation–or any other Japanese language learning questions–that you might have. This is something that our readers really liked, and it’s just one more thing that makes Rocket Japanese the best way to learn Japanese online.

Additional Information

Lifetime Membership

There are two things not included in our survey but that are quite popular. One is the Rocket Japanese pricing structure. When you buy Rocket Japanese Premium–online edition–for $99.95, you get a lifetime membership. Other online Japanese courses don’t offer that. Instead, they make you pay a monthly membership fee for as long as you want to use the course materials. As you can imagine, these fees pile up quite quickly.

For example, if you paid $15 a month for an online course, you’d pass the price of Rocket Japanese in just the 6th month. A year at that price and you would have paid nearly double! Here is one such program that costs $599 for 12 months unlimited access. It is a good program–I’ll give them that. But I just can’t get over the fact that when my subscription runs out, my 600 bucks is gone for good–and I’m left holding nothing!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Rocket Languages advertises a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee. I tested this refund policy out, and I can tell you first hand that it is honored.

Final Thoughts

Is Rocket Japanese the best way for you to learn Japanese online? Probably. In our reader’s opinions, and mine, Rocket has the best online Japanese course. If you’re unsure, though, read this article called “How to Choose a Japanese Language Course” and learn a little more before deciding.

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