Rocket Japanese Review

Rocket Japanese Review: Quick Summary
Learning Effectiveness
Fun learning games and well-designed interactive dialogues facilitate quick and easy learning.

Ease of Use
Engaging material, clear site structure, and intelligent course design make Rocket Japanese fun to learn with.

Value for Money
At just $99.95, Rocket Japanese is outstanding value for your money.

Who Should Buy This Product
Great for beginners who want to focus on speaking skills. Not designed for advanced Japanese learners.

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Reviewer Profile

Review written by 10-year language learning veteran and author of 12 language learning textbooks Ryan Wiley.

Rocket Languages

Rocket Japanese is a product of the Rocket Languages Company. Rocket’s a relative newcomer to the language learning business, and this, as it turns out, is one of their strong points.


Because while all the traditional publishing companies were struggling to adapt their outdated learning models, materials and pricing structures into something relevant, Rocket shot in and created an entirely new system that was specifically designed for today’s digital world.

The results are clear. Rocket’s products are well designed, easy to use, and highly effective. And because they’re 100% digital, costs are low. You can grab a lifetime membership to Rocket Japanese for under a 100 bucks. What do other people think? In just 6 short years, 800,000 people have become dedicated Rocket learners.

What do you get with Rocket Japanese?

  • Lifetime membership for just $99.95 (one-time fee, updates for life are free)
  • 31 interactive audio lessons (have fully interactive conversations in Japanese)
  • 31 corresponding language and culture lessons (learn to speak correctly and in the correct manner)
  • Rocket Record (record your voice and compare it to a native Japanese speaker)
  • MegaVocab software game (learn new vocabulary words with fun, interesting games)
  • MegaAudio software game (master vocabulary and Japanese pronunciation at the same time)
  • MegaHiragana (specially designed program that will teach you Japanese writing)
  • Native Japanese speaker support (It’s like having a personal Japanese tutor)
  • Fully downloadable lessons (learn at home, in the park, in a coffee shop–anywhere!)
  • My motivation (an entire section dedicated to helping you become a better learner)
  • Great quizzes and tests (keeps your learning real and on track)
  • Rocket Certification (great for personal satisfaction and on resumes)
  • 60-day, no-questions-asked refund (no worries, no risks)

Who should buy Rocket Japanese?

Rocket Japanese is the best program on the market for beginning learners who want to learn all four second language acquisition skills–reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It has a strong focus on practical communication, and its fresh new design and and modern features, such as an active user’s forum, make it a real pleasure to work with. So, if you’re new to the Japanese language, and your primary goal is to learn to communicate in Japanese, you should buy this program.

Who should not buy Rocket Japanese?

As I stated above, this program is designed for total beginners. If you’re an intermediate or advanced learner, Rocket Japanese is not for you. Also, Rocket Japanese teaches the grammar and sentence structure you need to communicate properly with the language. It does not, however, wade into deep, overly academic waters. If your main goal is to learn to communicate in Japanese, that’s great. If, on the other hand, your goal is to obtain a deep, academic understanding of the Japanese language, you may be better off with another program, like TELL ME MORE Japanese.

Learning with Rocket Japanese

I’ve given you my professional opinion about who should and should not buy the Rocket Japanese program. Now it’s time to walk you through the program, as I actually use it. before I get started, though, I’d like to remind you that you can get your own free Rocket Japanese trial, so, if you’d like, you can skip this part and just try the program out for yourself.

The Interactive dialogues

Core learning takes place in the interactive dialogues, so let’s start there. What’s it like to study using Rocket’s interactive dialogues. I opened chapter one and the first thing I read was this…

The best way to learn any language is to actually use it in conversation

This is dialogue #1

Well, that sums it up, really. The show’s hosts are a native speaking Japanese female and a Japanese-speaking Englishman, and they work together to get you involved in conversations. It works like this…

First, the two model the pronunciation of the entire target dialogue. Then they break it down word by word. Finally, they help you put it all back together, resulting in you being able to speak the entire dialogue.

The example above and to the right is a screenshot of the very first dialogue you learn. You start with the Japanese woman teaching you how to pronounce the work “Konnichiwa,” which means “hello.” She says it twice, and you repeat after her. After you learn to pronounce the word, the Englishman comes back on and says that it’s much more polite to say “Konnichiwa” and then say “O genki desu ka,” which means “how are you” after it.

He goes on to explain that “ka” is a question marker. (With this program, you learn Japanese grammar intuitively as you learn to speak). When he’s finished explaining, the Japanese woman comes back on and models the pronunciation of the phrase. You repeat after her several times. …then the Englishman comes back to give you more explanation.

I won’t go over the whole lesson–I think you get the idea.

1. The English guy gives you the instruction/explanation you need.
2. Then you learn each word and phrase with the Japanese speaker.
3. You do this again and again until you have mastered the entire dialogue.

So, does it work? Absolutely. In fact, I think of The Rocket Japanese program as being just like the Pimsleur Japanese program–but with added value, like cool learning games and Japanese writing videos!

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